Eneo Cameroon S.A
Recruitment steps

The 5 stages of recruitment

This site is the preferred channel for applying for all of our job offers.
Applying for an offer or submitting a spontaneous application to Eneo is free!

You are looking for an offer that matches your profile on the site.
Are you interested in an offer ?
  • You must first create your account, if it is not already done ;
  • You then click on 'Apply' in the details of the offer;
  • Upon registration of your application, you will receive an acknowledgment of receipt.
No offer corresponds to your search ?
  • Submit your spontaneous application anyway by creating your account.
  • We make a first selection on the basis of the data contained in your account ;
  • We contact by email or phone, candidates meeting the predefined criteria to take tests and / or job interviews.
At this stage, you take tests and / or interviews to confirm your motivation and your skills for the job.
At the end of the selection, we will inform you of the final decision.
You have been selected for the position.
We send you a job offer.
If you agree, you finalize your hiring by passing a medical examination and by signing your employment contract.
Welcome in the team!
You take service and begin your personalized integration journey.