Eneo Cameroon S.A
Q1: What are the criteria for applying for a job at Eneo?

A1 : Recruiting at Eneo is open to any candidate without age limit. You will find all the job vacancies within the company in the section Our offers / List of offers. You can search by activity area or training specialty.

Q2: How to find the offer that suits me among all your offers?

A2 : You can find the offer that suits you by browsing the list of offers available in the menu Our offers / List of offers.

Q3: I have searched for available jobs, but cannot find a suitable position. Can I still send you my CV?

A3 : If no offer matches your profile, you can make your CV available to us by creating an account in our jobsite.

Q4: How to apply for a job?

A4 : Once you have found an offer that matches your profile, click on the Apply button in the offer details. This requires you create an account beforehand. Applications received in paper format or by email will not be considered.

Q5: How to apply with a foreign diploma?

A5 : In order to facilitate the reading of your diploma, ask for an equivalence of this diploma from the Ministry of Higher Education of Cameroon.

Q6 Can I apply for several job offers at Eneo?

A6 : Yes. However, we advise to only apply for offers that match your profile and your professional project.

Q7: I have applied several times on offers that really match my profile and I was not selected. How is it possible?

A7: To be preselected, your profile must meet predefined criteria. However, each offer being specific, your candidacy may not be retained on one offer and be on another. We therefore advise you to regularly consult our offers and to better target your future applications.

Q8: I am a holder of Master Degree but I don't mind taking a job at a lower level degree. Can I apply?

A8 : If you hold a master degree, we do not recommend applying for a lower level degree offer.

Q10: Do I have to pass tests and interviews to be recruited?

A10 : Tests and interviews are part of our recruitment process. In any case, we will keep you informed of the actions to be taken each time, if your application gets our attention. For more information, see our recruitment steps.

Q11: I believe I received a fraudulent employment letter from Eneo. What should I do ?

A11 : Beware - recruitment scams exist! Fraudsters are pretending to represent Eneo are sending e-mails, letters and texts offering jobs to prospective employees. These offers often seem legitimate and include job description, salary and benefits details. These fraudsters then ask for payment to process applications or for medical examinations. Applying for a job with Eneo is free. Eneo never ask applicants to pay costs. Never send money or pass on personal details to anyone suggesting they can facilitate employment with Eneo.

Q12: What does Eneo do with the information received from you?

A12 : The information is treated confidentially. The CV that you fill in when creating your account is saved in our database and is considered as a spontaneous application.We can use it any time when we are looking for applications and may contact you even if you have not applied for an offer.

Q13: Is my profile information and CV stored indefinitely in the Eneo database? If not for how long will it be active?

A13 : The database is updated once a year. All accounts inactive for the past 12 months are deleted. We therefore recommend that you update your account or consult the offers available regularly to keep the account active.

Q14: I am looking for an academic or research internship

A14 : Request for an internship is done online via our internship website at this following address: https://stage.eneoapps.com/

Q15: Does the company offer professional internships?

A15 : Professional internships are only given through well-defined agreements with certain schools.