Eneo Cameroon S.A
About us

Our Vision

Driving force of the electricity sector, catalyst for growth, we will supply reliable energy , provide service quality while being a governance model in Africa.

Our Mission

  • Satisfy the growth in electricity demand by supplying reliable and safe energy
  • Provide quality service and facilitate access to electricity to the greatest number
  • Protect the public through awareness campaigns on electricity-related risks
  • Revitalize customer relations through innovations and positive experiences
  • Constant quest for excellence by drawing lessons from our experiences
  • Conduct our activities using a socially responsible approach

Ours Values

Our mindset summarizes the expected behaviour of each member of our team, including our attitude, our utterances and our actions, in our interactions with each other and with our external stakeholders, on a daily basis, across the country.

Integrity : Integrity is the livewire of all our activities. It begins with the implementation by all eneo employees and stakeholders of values chosen as common platform.

Respect : Working at eneo entails respecting diversity, sensibilities, points of view, various actors and making of it a driving force to build the present with optimism and the future with audacity.

Commitment : our teams are steeped fully in our commitment to ensure long-term performance and to ensure in safety and in all circumstances continuity in the supply of reliable electricity.

Cohesion : In order to succeed, eneo must mobilize all its forces in a-one-team-spirit in order to make our activities a sustainable source of progress for our country and the development of our staff.